In This Together: Giving Thanks for The Eating Disorder Professional Community

By Rebecca Clegg, NCC, LPC

A few days ago I met with my peer supervision group for our monthly meeting. A few hours after the meeting, my phone started to light up with text messages, from different members of our group. They were simply expressing their sincere gratitude and appreciation for one another, and for the very fact that we had created such a supportive place for each of us to commune and gather.  My phone lit up, but so did my spirit, as I truly felt the gratitude for having this type of support system.

It is commonly quoted that “It takes a village to raise a child”.

I often think of this in terms of my work, in so much as it “takes a team to treat an eating disorder”.  All of us in the eating disorder treatment community know this because we live and breathe this truth on a daily basis.  

Can you imagine doing this in isolation? I for one do not want to even try!

The opportunity to have a group like iaedp in the Atlanta area has highlighted for me how fortunate I am to have access to such a broad scope of talented and competent treatment professionals.  At a recent iaedp Atlanta chapter meeting, someone visiting from outside of the area pointed out how good we have it, juxtaposed to her own area, where resources and support are in short supply.  I thought about being in private practice in an area where I didn’t have the type of support I do here, and it made me all too aware of how fortunate I am to have access to the resources I have. 

My time in this organization has only further accentuated the fact that we are all working towards a common goal, and none of us are in this alone. Whether it is through collaborative treatment, referral access, sharing resources, or supervision, the role we play in supporting one another is immense. 

As I was reflecting on writing this blog, I knew I wanted to incorporate gratitude as it is the holiday season and it seemed like a timely topic.  Walking away from my meeting this week, it stuck me that there was no better topic to write about than my gratitude for the community of professionals who collaborate to treat eating disorders.

Being that it is the holiday season, and so often our focus turns to those things in life for which we are truly grateful, I for one am holding a space for the partnership and support of the community of professionals involved in the iaedp Atlanta Chapter and the ED treatment community at large.  I am not in this alone, and for that, I am truly thankful. 

Rebecca Clegg, NCC, LPC, is the president and founder of Authentic Living, an Atlanta based psychotherapy private practice specializing in the treatment of women in recovery from eating disorders, compulsive overeating & emotional eating, and individuals seeking assistance in their weight management efforts.  She is also the founder of Life Beyond The Diet, an online community that offers health coaching and educational programs focused on helping women heal their relationship with food and create an overall healthier lifestyle.